Jump Shot


What is jump shot?

Jump shot is like a set shot but with an addition of a jump. While in the air, you have to shoot the ball to the basket before your feet touch the ground again. The main difference between set shot and jump shot, besides an addition of a jump, is that the leg on the same side with the shooting hand should be in the front while you are in the air. It is to ensure a better landing.

When to use a jump shot?

Actually, you can use it every time you want, but the most perfect time to use it is when you are being closely marked by your opponent. It is also best use when you are charging down the opponent’s defense area and cannot dribble your opponent or cannot pass your teammates. Be careful when the opponent who marks you is a tougher, taller, and smarter than you. You need more than a jump shot in that situation.

How to do a jump shot?

– Your feet should be flat on the floor to give a solid base.
– While your body facing the basket, do a little crouch as a preparation to make a momentum to your jump.
– Cup the ball with the shooting hand (see picture) while the other hand can guide the shot from the side of the ball.

– As your body straightens, take an instant jump.
– The longer you can hanging in the air, the better. Stomach muscles take an important part in here.

– Shoot the ball with both arms straightening.
– A snap of the wrists and fingers can help you with the release of the ball.
– Extend your arms fully while concentrate on the basket.