Fade-Away Jump Shot


What is fade-away jump shot?

Fade-away jump shot is a jump shot that done with your body lean more backward than regular jump shot. Fade-away jump shot is a more difficult and advanced technique than ordinary jump shot. This technique require you to have good balance and control over your body. Once you mastered this technique and know the right time to use it, you don’t have to be afraid again of being blocked by your opponent.

When to use a fade-away jump shot?

You can use the fade-away jump shot when the opponent is clinging too close to you and the area surrounds you is too populated for a driving move. It is also used when you are facing taller or stronger opponent than you are.

How to do a fade-away jump shot?

– Your feet flat on the floor to give a solid base.
– Do a little crouch as a preparation to make a momentum for your jump.
– Cup the ball with the shooting hand while the other hand can guide the shot from the side of the ball.
– As your body straightens, take an instant jump and lean your body backwards.
– Shoot the ball with both arms straightening.