Best Socks for Basketball



Best Socks for Basketball : Choosing the right socks for athletics is just as important as choosing the right shoes. The right socks could improve or fail someone’s performance in basketball especially if it’s a teen or kid so you should get the best ones you can afford. Kids that are into basketball tend to spend their time doing a lot of it and it’s essential that the socks are as good as you can get them. Imagine having your feet hurt in the middle of the game because a pair of cheap socks wasn’t providing enough support. Or getting blisters in the middle of the game. That would really stink.

Getting the best basketball socks will not only help prevent injuries during the game, it can also prevent problem after the game. Athlete’s foot is common among basketball players and getting socks that keep feet dry will do a lot to keep it away.

Recommended: Nike Elite Socks

Nike Elite socksnike elite socks are the best socks for basketball are the best as they offer every type of comfort that your kid needs to play or practice basketball well.
Padding and cushions in the sock provide support for ankles (lowers the chances of ankle injuries)
Dri-fit technology absorbs moisture and keeps feet dry
A large selection of attractive colors
Pricier but also more durable
Value for money long-term

In-depth review:

There are a many types of socks in the market but the Nike Elite socks are the top of the market. They have the right height as they are over the calf. This means that they cover the ankle and protect it from getting hurt while playing. They also have the right thickness, cushioned soles and extended heel pads which support the ankle well.

Nike socks also have the right fabric with Dry-Fit technology that retains the moisture and keeps the feet dry at all times even though they sweat. Remember what I said about athlete’s foot? This will do a lot to prevent those stinky, itchy feet that many players have to deal with after practice.

The socks come in different sizes so choosing the right sock that fit is crucial too as it ensures comfort the right grip on the feet. If the socks are for a child, small or medium is usually ideal.

Besides being well-made, Nike’s Elite socks are also attractive and come in many colors. Kids can choose socks that are their theme colors and even customize their own elite socks and that’s probably one of the reasons why they are such a hit with many young basketball players today.

Nike socks may be pricier than other socks but they also last longer. Don’t buy cheap socks that get holes in them after a few washes. Invest in a pair of Nike and it will provide more value for money in the long run.